Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Things that make your neighbors go "hmmm......"

I had an awesome post planned for today about making your own flavored syrups for drinks and cocktails. However, this trumped it today. So, you can look forward to a post on summery drinks on Friday instead.

A few background notes that will help you understand the following photos. 

1. Future Hubby and I are getting married in October. 

2. I’m making my wedding dress. 

3. We live in a 900 sq ft townhouse, that has two floors and two bedrooms (read: our living room, the biggest room in our house, is SMALL). 

4. “My backyard” is shared with 15 other town houses with approximately 50 other residents, at least a few of whom were watching this even unfold, shaking their heads and going “the girl ain’t right, I tell ya.”

Working on the muslin rough draft of my wedding dress today while Future Hubby was at work, I dragged the dress dummy (a lovely gift from my Maid of Honor for my birthday a few years back. Love you, Heather!!) downstairs and got to work. I finished the skirt, slipped it on the dress dummy and immediately realized I did not have the room to continue.

 Found a quick fix for that! I can’t be the only woman in America to have worked on her wedding dress in the middle of her backyard. Right?

As you can see, it was pretty windy this morning. Naturally, I used silver wear to hold everything down to the ground while I pinned all the pleats into the back of the dress. Resourcefulness at it's best.  

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