Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, Early Morning

In my mind, there are two types of people in this world: morning people and night people. I have yet to meet anyone who is both or neither. I am a morning person, Hubby is a night person. My mom is a morning person, my dad is a night person. The one thing we all have in common is that we love our respective times of day, because it is the time in our households when no one else is up. We feel like we are stealing a few hours from the darkness. I love that silent two or three hours on a Saturday morning (like right now) where Hubby is still asleep, there is no TV or radio on, and I can make a cup of coffee and tackle the morning at my own pace.

This morning I've been thinking a lot on conversations I've had in the last week about new year's resolutions, about how everyone handles this in a very different way, but a way that truly reflects them. The two friends I was most inspired by took two very different approaches to making their resolutions, the first is using them as an opportunity to put more good into the world, making goals about in-kind charitable giving and volunteer hours for the year. The second is using them to conquer her fears. I'm not talking about skydiving or snakes, I'm talking about going to the dentist for the first time in 5 years and taking actionable steps to improve her health and life.... that is scary stuff!

I am so inspired by these kind of people, that set long term goals and chip away at tasks until they are finished, especially when they are things that they don't want to do, but they know will improve their life or the lives of others. In the past years I have made resolutions, and I've done a pretty decent job of staying the course. However, I have often used them as an out for not doing more, "Eh, I have a resolution similar to that I'm already working on, so I'm not going to volunteer for this project." Not this year. This year is not another year of resolutions for me, this year I've decided on a guiding phrase. I measure my actions against it and when thinking about joining in or pulling back, I ask if it lines up with my guiding phrase. So, as we begin the new year, I invite you all to join me in 2014 and.....

Be Kind.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas with the Fur Babies

This is what happens when you have cats and no kids. You post darling Christmas photos of said cats on Christmas.





Marvin: All Christmased out

Hoping your holiday was merry and bright (ours was also VERY white)!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Returning Triumphant

Have you ever had one of those months where you sit down at one point to take a breath and realized 3 weeks has gone by since you did it last? That has been late September - late December for us.

In early September, I accepted a job with a community health non-profit and went through HR processes and training before finally getting to actually start in the office at the end of the month. I LOVE my new job, it utilizes all of my talents and the people I work with are simply amazing at what they do. Additionally, it's a 7 mile commute round trip and for 4 of those miles, I drive the shoreline of Lake Michigan! I'm a pretty luck girl!

On October 9th, my first bridesmaid flew in from Florida and my Maid of Honor arrived the following day. On October 10th, the three of us finished my dress (whew!)  Future Hubby is now just Hubby, because we were married on October 12th at a small-ish ceremony with close friends and family, with a beautiful reception that followed. Pictures of my dress, the girls (and the boys), the country club and more when I get them back from our photographer (very soon).

Photo Credit: Loon Lake Photography

November / December has been a blur of holidays, unpacking wedding gifts, writing thank you notes and trying to make times for ourselves and our hobbies. There has been lots of laughing, reading, movie watching, quilting, knitting and cooking. Stay tuned for updates on all of those fronts.

This is where I'll leave you today. Later I will pick up with my love for my Farmer's Wife Quilt and pictures of all of the Christmas presents I made.... that I can share since they have all been gifted now!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Creeping Dark

In the last two weeks I have noticed the dark beginning to creep in. A few nights ago, after supper, I commented that it looked like we had rain coming in over the lake. The rain never came. The next morning while making a second cup of coffee I commented that it looked like another gray day was ahead.... then I realized I was wrong. Very wrong. The weather that day was forecast to be beautiful. It's dark outside because the seasons are changing. It's been such a long summer, I've forgotten what it is like to not have that beautiful morning light before 7am. Our local weatherman said last night that we will be loosing three minutes of light every evening between now and the winter solstice.

Those who know me, know I will not be mourning the end of summer. As a super fair skinned redhead, summer has never been a favorite. I love the early creeping dark in the evenings, the cool mornings, knowing a 'new year' will be starting again (6 years of college cements September as the start  of the year in your mind for a long time) and a great excuse to put pumpkin in anything.

Autumn will be a busy season here at The Red Homestead. As you may have guessed from this post, there is a wedding coming. By "coming" I mean in October.... of THIS year! From the wedding until Christmas marks Future Hubby's busy season at work. Additionally, I have a super exciting announcement next week that will show you how I will be spending most of my time starting next week (no... it's not a baby or anything that requires feeding). By exciting, I mean exciting for me, I imagine you could probably care less... but I need something to build anticipation here.

Baby gift for Future Hubby's boss, who is due the day of our wedding!

In the meantime, I'm working on my wedding dress. Full sewing of fancy fabric has commenced. After a sewing marathon yesterday, fortified by a big pot of hot black tea and homemade shortbread, all that is left to do is hems on 4 layers of skirt, some hand finishing on the lining and sewing on about 15 pearl shank buttons.... then the whole project is done!

 My beloved 1962 Kennmore, given to me by future FIL after his mother passed away.

I've also been knitting the most mindless things to keep my hands busy, to keep the stress from creeping in. Like a dozen white cotton wash cloths for face washing. From the Yarn Harlot's recipe, using just under a full cone of crochet cotton. I'm so excited to start using these! Such a simple luxury.

Started on August 10th and finished on September 15th, with a few distraction projects along the way.

Quilting has also been happening. My friend, Helen, showed me how to do a disappearing 9-patch at our craft guild night a few weeks ago and I've been in love. I've made multiple lap size blankets in this pattern this month. You can do a 9 block, lap sized blanket with 5 fat quarters and 1/2 yard of solid (the white in mine), plus sashing, binding and backing, which makes this a pretty cost friendly project. It works up amazingly quickly as well. These two things combined make it a great gift project. I'm planning a how-to post when I put my next one together.

The patterned fabric is from a fat quarter bundle I picked up at JoAnn's on sale. Yes, those are handknit socks, in case you were wondering. 

All that is missing from this week is a treat made from pumpkin and a big pot of tea. Thinking we might have to rectify that today.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Have a Seat

The Truth: We went six months without chairs for our kitchen table.

The Explanation: We have an awesome little tulip style table that I bought for my first post-college apartment and I had great directors chairs that I used for seating. It was my first place of my own and that set up was my favorite part of my apartment. Future Hubby entered the picture and was less than thrilled about the chairs.

Eventually, we moved in together, to a cute little house with a real dining room. We inherited a vintage dining set from his family, so we sold my chairs and moved the table to the basement. A few years later we move to the lakeshore and back into a much smaller space. The dining set was passed onto other family members and we brought the tulip table back into daily use..... except we now had no chairs.

I continue to be in love with these chairs, and someday, when we have room for a large table again, we will end up buying these.

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

For now, we were looking for something budget friendly, that wouldn't take up a lot of space.

I bought two of these chairs at Goodwill for $10 total. My grandmother had this style table and chairs in her kitchen (in Maple... not this paint scheme) when I was growing up and I always loved them. They are seriously comfortable chairs. I've spend hundreds, maybe thousands of hours sitting in Grandma's chairs, just like these, so they had a pretty big sentimental pull too.

The Nitty Gritty: These paint on these chairs is UUUGLY! It was also very poorly done in multiple coats. I am a super impatient person and it paid off this time. I ran across automotive spray primer at our home improvement store. It is thicker than regular spray primer and it has very slight texture. My goal was to avoid sanding off the old paint and I thought this might even things out enough to avoid it. I put on 3 very thin coats of automotive primer and then covered it with 4 coats of Krylon gloss Cherry Red. The automotive primer made the paint even without all the sanding. It is not perfect, but for a quick job, I'm quite happy.

Future Hubby brought some polycrylic top coat to help seal it all. It will probably get a good sanding and one more coat of red before I seal it.

The Verdict: Future Hubby is not thrilled about the color. I am. Without the polycrylic they seem to be holding up well, but will do even better with the topcoat. They probably do need a little sanding. There are no ultimate short cuts, sadly. However, there are products that make things a bit easier.

In the end I LOVE these chairs. The solid color highlights the shape of the chair, which is classic farmhouse. I also think of my Grandma every time I sit in them, and about the hours we spent in the kitchen together. I never would have thought such a basic thing would turn my cookie-cutter rented kitchen into the homiest room in our house.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coming / Going Home

Blogging from my parent’s house would be so much easier if I had remembered to bring 1) my cord to connect my camera and/or phone to my computer and 2) my computer charger (since no one here is running a mac).

In the little bit of battery time I have left, and puttering with the blog on my phone I can tell you I’m having an excellent little escape into the country, back to my teeny-tiny (only 600 people) hometown with the funny name. To protect the rights and location of the innocent, I cannot tell you that name, but rest assured if I told you, you would be shocked, then you would laugh. It’s okay, we all still do it and we grew up here!

My brother has this little buddy he calls "Garage Toad." This is because he is a toad that lives in the garage. This is Garage Toad's wife. Thus named, because she is smaller than Garage Toad, not because we actually know anything about her gender or relationship to Garage Toad. 

Moving inland from the lake I’m shocked how green things become, and humid. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s true.  The flat landscape, mile high corn and cicadas always will be home for me. Future hubby, who grew up in northern Michigan, always says that when we hit the hills north of Clare he feels like he is home (even though his hometown is much farther north) and I say it reminds me of vacation! On the flip side of the coin, when the hills fade away and fields take over the southern Michigan landscape I feel like I’m coming home. Clearly, we’ll have to work on finding a middle ground…. so far, being at the feet of Lake Michigan is working well for both parties.

In a few days I will pack up and head back for the Lake. Which despite living there now, and knowing it is my drive towards home, still feels like the beginning of a vacation. That is one of the best things in life right now; coming to see my family gives me the comfort of going home and going to our new home, feels like driving towards vacation. How much more could you ask for?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Essential Skills: Photography - Group Shots

I am so excited! Heather is back with us today for another Essential Skills post on photography! Last time she was with us she talked about the rule of thirds. I don't know about you, but I've been having a lot of fun playing with that one! Today she is here to talk about something I am very bad at, group photos. How many of you have a group photo where an essential body part of a family member is missing, how about a floating hand, or maybe that ever popular girl group photo where gravity seems to have doubled? Heather is here to fix that!


Group photographs can be tricky. You are dealing with anywhere from a couple of good friends to a room full of people. 

That means different people with different personalities, comfort levels with the camera, different blinking speeds, etc etc. How many times have you FINALLY gotten everyone to sit still and FINALLY got it so that your cousin isn’t making that face and you take the PERFECT shot just to realize that someone has their eyes closed?.

I wanted to give you something a bit more solid on the “how-to” behind group shots, besides whatever is residing in my brain pan, so I hit my bookshelf... and then I realized something. Photographers don’t really like to answer this question. There is too much that can go wrong. I have books that go on and on about lighting, but not about grouping a few friends together for a shot. Or maybe that says more about me. I am not big on having my picture taken, although I love taking them. Go figure.

So, let’s start with what we DON’T like about group photographs and then maybe we can find ways to avoid them.

The Slouch.
If you are a girl, you know what I am talking about. For whatever reason, someone, at some point, seems to have told us that to get an entire group of your girlfriends into a shot, you need to give in to gravity. 

Why do we all do it? I am not sure. They always seem to turn out okay-ish and we must figure that “hey, that’s good enough”. You can see everyone’s face and everyone is smiling, so now I have proof that we were all there at the same time. 

We can do better.

Try to make the situation a bit more natural. It isn’t comfortable to do this “lean” and some of that leaks into our expression, whether we mean to or not. Do something that is more comfortable to you. Have the group come together quickly and snap the shot. Odds are that they will group themselves into something more “normal”. Your job then is just to make sure that you can see everyone’s face. We aren’t striving for perfection. These aren’t runway models and that isn’t the point of this picture, we are trying to capture them in this moment. Basically, a snapshot. Try not to over think it. 



Hands can be tricky in pictures. You wouldn’t think so, you are focused on the face, so where do the hands come in? We sometimes get so caught up in arranging from shortest to tallest, being aware of what faces the room’s clown is making, keeping that one individual from wandering away, etc that the shot becomes so overworked and unnatural that it shows in our hands. What do we DO with them. Sometimes, the answer is to hide them. Take a pose more commonplace. Take that tall, gangly teenager and tell him to put his thumbs in his pocket. Just change that and often, the stiffness will vanish.

The Class Photo

There is always that group photo that everyone has to line up for. Tallest in back, shortest in front or sitting. Sometimes, these just need to be done. They are for record keeping purposes, you know the drill... aaaand smile! For these, there maybe isn’t so much that you can do, just keep it short, simple and painless as possible. 

Tell a joke or just talk to your group, this doesn’t have to be awkward.

Don’t say “cheese”, it makes your mouth do weird things. You are trying for a natural smile. If you have to make them say something, pick a word that ends in an “uh” sound. Saying “mocha” or “yoga”, makes the mouth end in a more natural smile. Pick a funny word, make them laugh and get a natural, relaxed smile. 

Take two photos, someone had their eyes closed. I know it and you know it.

Flourescent Lighting

No one looks their best under these, so if possible, go somewhere else. Odds are, your subjects will also be more comfortable and your shot will look less posed.

Use your environment. 

If you have a big group, use that park bench. It will look more natural than “the slouch” any day!


Children can be a challenge, because they are always in motion. Keep your arrangement short, to the point and fun. Make a game out of it, sing, or if you need more time, keep them moving. Have them stand up, then sit down, touch their nose etc etc and that gives you the time you need to find the camera, the memory card, whatever it was you were looking for, or just to catch your breath. Recently, I was with a group of preschoolers. On the way to their playground, there was a painted map of the United States on the blacktop. We told them to run and sit on a state, any state, just not a state where anyone else was sitting. Spacing issues were solved and the giggles from their race only made a relaxed and cute shot that took two minutes. And no headaches. Yay.

This method can be applied to adults, too. 

Give them something to hold onto. Popsicles and sitting on a railroad tie work, too. Hey, there is nothing wrong with a little harmless bribery on a hot day.

Sit them all together on the slide, have them grab a stuffed animal off the floor and hold it, your possibilities go on and on.

The Restaurant

We all do it. It has been an age, you are finally meeting the girls for some long awaited catching up, hugs and gossip. Naturally, this happens over food or drinks. You ask the server to take a shot of you and your friends.

Really, there isn’t a lot you can control in this situation, but I do have a couple of tips. 

Take the shot just as you are all coming together. Get that hug, that smile as you all see each other for the first time after a long absence. If you are at the table, take the shot before your food gets there or just as soon as it does. You would much rather have a picture of your friends with a delicious meal, rather than your empty dessert plates.

If there is a big group, you might be sitting at a longer table. Your server is at the end of the table and the two people closest to the camera are really the only ones you see. Try having the people now at the “back” of the shot to stand up, making it easier to see everyone’s face without having them lean in so far that they are resting that face on the table.

Don’t Sweat It

Now that you have some different ideas on how to tackle that group shot, try some out. Practice. Get out there with your camera or your camera phone and just have fun. 


Thank you, again, Heather! I'm sure we all learned a lot. For example, I have learned that I should forbid you from putting photos of us in Jr. High in my blog posts!