Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two Kinds of Knitters

I remember someone telling me once, there are two kinds of knitters, process knitters and project knitters. The first knit because they love the process and will always have a project on the needles, these are the knitters that are most likely to knit for others, to give handknits as gifts. The latter of those two, project knitters, are pretty much the opposite, they see a finished project and say “I must have that!” at which point they proceed to buy the yarn and knit as fast as their fingers can go to produce that perfect cardigan, cowl, legwarmers.  

I would say that I fall firmly into the process knitter camp. Which on most days I would say is a great thing, it enables me to be happy with almost any project I have in my hands and helps me to produce mountains of handknits as Christmas gifts every year. 

There was a project that was different though.  A beret. Not just a beret, THE beret, the most perfect beret, from the most perfect beret pattern ever written. I fell in love weeks before Christmas, with much to do on my holiday deadline. So I made one… as a gift… just to try out the pattern, you know. 

The holidays were over and I devoted myself to finishing started projects. It was actually my only NYE resolution: To finish every pair of socks I have started (approx. 7 pair, if we’re counting… Don’t judge me! It happens!). Then, a birthday for a very special person came up…. Oh what to do?! Make her a beret! This time in beautiful yarn I swapped with a friend for. Perfect! Finally, I could take it no longer. The project knitter in me came screaming to the surface. I had the right yarn in the stash, I had the pattern in its plastic page protector, I had a weekend where I was ahead in school. Thus, it came to be, the hat I’ve been dreaming of, THE BERET.

 (even a little bit of sunshine for it's close up!)

This hat was knit following the Simple Beret pattern by Hannah Fettig. Next time, I think I will add one more inch to the body of the hat to give it a bit more “slouch.”

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  1. Me too...definitely process...and I love giving away handknits...reminding me that I still have Heliotropic on the needles too...

    ~Have a lovely day!