Monday, April 28, 2014

We bought a house!

I think that after reading the title of the post, it is pretty much downhill from here right? How can I top that?

Oh! How about this: I took three days off work! My first day of PTO since Christmas.

Okay, so, the house. Hubby and I, after 4 months of searching, found the right house, in the right town, in the right school district, with a reasonable commute to both of our offices.

It is a classic 1975 ranch... knotty pine paneling, olive green master bath, dark kitchen and all. However, it has so much potential with a perfect floor plan, an amazing fireplace/hearth and, is on a 1 acre wooded lot that is walking distance from the AMAZING public schools (not that we have kids, but we are planning to be here for a long time).

I need to make this last day off work count. I'm going to unpack boxes and clean out the fridge at the old townhouse (oh joy of joys!). Here is a picture of my kitchen an hour before the movers came yesterday.

P.S. If you are thinking of house hunting in Michigan, drop me a line. We had the most amazing team of professionals all the way, I would love to pass along some great people to help with your search!