Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coming / Going Home

Blogging from my parent’s house would be so much easier if I had remembered to bring 1) my cord to connect my camera and/or phone to my computer and 2) my computer charger (since no one here is running a mac).

In the little bit of battery time I have left, and puttering with the blog on my phone I can tell you I’m having an excellent little escape into the country, back to my teeny-tiny (only 600 people) hometown with the funny name. To protect the rights and location of the innocent, I cannot tell you that name, but rest assured if I told you, you would be shocked, then you would laugh. It’s okay, we all still do it and we grew up here!

My brother has this little buddy he calls "Garage Toad." This is because he is a toad that lives in the garage. This is Garage Toad's wife. Thus named, because she is smaller than Garage Toad, not because we actually know anything about her gender or relationship to Garage Toad. 

Moving inland from the lake I’m shocked how green things become, and humid. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s true.  The flat landscape, mile high corn and cicadas always will be home for me. Future hubby, who grew up in northern Michigan, always says that when we hit the hills north of Clare he feels like he is home (even though his hometown is much farther north) and I say it reminds me of vacation! On the flip side of the coin, when the hills fade away and fields take over the southern Michigan landscape I feel like I’m coming home. Clearly, we’ll have to work on finding a middle ground…. so far, being at the feet of Lake Michigan is working well for both parties.

In a few days I will pack up and head back for the Lake. Which despite living there now, and knowing it is my drive towards home, still feels like the beginning of a vacation. That is one of the best things in life right now; coming to see my family gives me the comfort of going home and going to our new home, feels like driving towards vacation. How much more could you ask for?

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  1. No complaints about driving home and having it feel like going on a vacation! I have to agree, heading north in Michigan makes me feel like I am on some grand adventure.

    On a side note, I just picked up _The Art Forger_ from your reading recommendation!